Five reasons why you NEED these Aurvana Trio earbuds:

  • Great sound, duh. The new Creative Aurvana Trio features sparkling highs, clear mid-range, solid bass and natural-sounding vocals.
  • Audiophile In-Ear Headphones with Hybrid Triple-Driver System. Huh? In tech speak:’ triple driver array with two precision balanced armature drivers for clear mids and highs and one bio-cellulose driver for accurate and powerful bass.’ It translates to again to…you guessed it …impressive audiophile sound quality.

  • 98% noise-isolation. Great for traveling or whenever you need to block out the world.
  • Detachable braided cable (which prevents it from tangling as much.)
  • In-line Mic with Playback and Call Control. Even cheap earbuds come with these but we like the voice pick up when we take a call AND the button for music playback is easy to use.
  • Comfy. The Aurvana Trio’s angled in-ear design fits the human ear. They also come with  3 different sizes of silicone ear tips, and a pair of foam tips for the best fit.

The $149 price tag,  HALF of what comparable earbuds would cost you. Done and done!




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