There’s nothing quite like a tan when it comes to an instant boost of confidence. But unless you live in a tropical climate maintaining that perfect bronze year-round takes a little help. Most of us have tried bottled bronzers to get that golden glow when the sun isn’t shining — or even when it is and we just don’t want the UV rays.  And while sunless tanners can hide a myriad of flaws —including my fave, cellulite — they usually come with a ton of toxic chemicals. These chemicals leave the skin dry and over time are just as damaging to us as the sun. But thanks to mother nature — and the genius babes at Bali Body and their Bronzing Lotion— it’s now possible to have the perfect sunless tan without sacrificing your health. 

Bronzing Lotion by Bali Body ($19.95)  is an all natural antioxidant-rich moisturizer that gives an instant golden tint, all while smoothing the skin with Vitamin E and natural oils. Instead of yucky dyes that damage the skin, it’s enriched with organic caramel extract to provide an instant bronzed glow. Yummy! 

Bali Body, an Australian made all natural skin care line was created to help us all enjoy a slice of sunshine year ‘round. Of course, there’s no doubt the sun shines more often Down Under so the line isn’t limited to sunless tanners. There’s also all natural SPF’s — up to level 15 — and all natural tanning oils to help you achieve the darkest natural tan. Bali Body’s Watermelon Tanning Oil provides the deepest glow by promoting the natural production of melanin (the stuff that makes you tan) in your skin. The BB cream by Bali Body is a multitasking beauty cream that combines hydrating skincare benefits to protect, correct and perfect the skin. 

This all-natural line is now available here in the United States with no added shipping charges. Visit Bali Body to order your slice of sunshine. 

About The Author

Allison Swan was born and raised in Canada but after graduating journalism school she moved to California in search of success -- and sunshine. Three days after arriving in Los Angeles, Allison was interviewing A-list stars at an Oscar party. Since then she has covered everything from the Academy Awards to the Winter Olympics and even managed to land her own column, The LA Insider in Australia’s New Weekly Magazine. Curious what life is like in the LA fast lane? Check out her new novel KissnTell @

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