Linda Vester, the same  NBC anchor who accused Tom Brokaw of sexual misconduct, revealed in an interview Wednesday that Lauer was ‘dangerous’ and a ‘problem’ at NBC ‘ and that staffers knew to avoid him ‘at all costs.’

Oh, and she doesn’t believe any of this is news for NBC, who she claims have hidden his behavior and quickly paid off a number of women.

‘Ronan [Farrow] is reporting, among other things, that NBC apparently did know that Matt was a problem,’ said Vester while appearing on Fox News on Wednesday.

‘In fact, they just really didn’t get to the bottom of it at all. They didn’t interview enough women. And we don’t have the truth yet. And it seems that the cover-up continues at NBC News,’ she said on the program.

‘And let me tell you, from having worked at NBC News for nearly a decade, everybody knew, we all knew Matt was dangerous. That he had to be avoided at all costs.’

Vester also called on the network to launch an external investigation in the wake of these allegations of sexual misconduct.

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