Ideally, if a Vitamin C serum contains enough ascorbic acid you’ll see a difference in a matter of days.

But the brand doesn’t list the percentage of Vitamin C and after using for a week we can tell it doesn’t have a potent concentration. And it’s so watery you can’t apply it directly from the pipette to the skin but rather have to splash the ‘serum’ onto our hands and spread over our face.

Compared to Drunk Elephant Vitamin C which boasts 15%,  you’ll notice your skin looks clearer, brighter and sun spots slightly diminished after using it for a short while. Of course, it cost more — $78 compared to the sale price of $19 reduced from $29. for the Dr. Liia version.

Judging by the fancy box and gold orange bottle, EpiLynx spent the money on packaging rather than the Vit C itself.

Again, it’s one of those you -get-what-you-pay for deals.





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