You know all the hair styling products we use on our hair? Think dry shampoo, mousse, wax,  hairspray, root lift …

It all builds up and leaves hair listless and dull.

To get rid of product build-up, we use a clarifying shampoo once a week to clean out all the debris and leave us with tresses shiny and healthy. (TBH, we color our hair and use styling wax almost daily.)




Just like we exfoliate our skin to remove dead skin cells, we need to do the same for the scalp and hair.

We recently got the Mounia Haircare   hair system to review; a clean hair trio made with Moroccan-grown ingredients combined with ‘patented technology to strengthen hair and make it incredibly smooth, shiny and clinically healthier.’ ($69.)



What we liked:

  • no filler ingredients
  • smells great
  • our hair was naturally shinier, softer, and healthy-looking after using.



Mounia also makes a two-drop hair serum with Organic Argan Oil and Prickly Pear Seed Oil ($40) to make the hair shinier and lock in moisture, but if felt counter-intuitive just after cleansing the product build-up — and we have very fine hair that goes flat if over-conditioned.



So we had a friend with dry, curly hair experiment with it and she loved it. A note for women with dry hair; you don’t need a clarifying shampoo and conditioner weekly; try once a month.


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