For those of us who are cat-eye-channeled, there’s a new beauty tool  that promises ‘beautiful, symmetrical cat eyes in less than 60 seconds.’

The  Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp comes in one applicator with one end featuring the stamp for the outer eye ‘wing’ and a fine-tip liquid eyeliner for extending the line on the upper lid. (There are two different sizes  — BOLD and the SLEEK — to achieve the most popular cat eye looks.) 

But does it work? After a few tries, we achieved the perfect yet dramatic cat eye! Once we get good at this, we can see that it won’t take any time at all to apply. Even for us, it’s foolproof! (Really, you’ve never seen us try to draw on a cat eye before.)

Just in time for the gifting season, it’s $19.99 at Lyda Beauty.



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