Hair color, highlights, blow drying, harsh shampoos. Day in, day out, what’s a girl or guy to do? Aquis is a new four-step hair product that helps hair to be healthy by preventing “Hygral Fatique” which is what happens when we wash and stretch our hair while it’s wet—leading to breakage and damage.

Wait, what? Hygral Fatique? Keratin is what makes up hair strands (inner and outer layer with a middle cortex). Cuticles on the outside protect hair from water, blow dryers and all those fun environmental factors. So, the Aquis mantra is: “less water plus faster drying equals stronger hair.”

Does your hair look like this?

I have hair that is colored, fine and washed daily, so I am always in search of product that doesn’t weigh my hair down, protects it and gives it volume (and I seldom use conditioner).

The Aquis four-step system consists of Water Defense Prewash (helps prep the cuticles), Rebalancing Hair Wash (gently removes dirt while maintaining moisture), Restorative Leave-in Conditioner (lightweight hydration, restores natural pH) and a Rapid Dry Hair Turban (to dry hair quickly thus cutting down on blow dry time).

AQUIS starter kit. ($49.)

It’s a lot of steps, right? That might be time-consuming. But the results? After one session, I do feel that my hair felt softer and shiner (like I had a deep moisture treatment but without the heaviness). All the products are very light with an almost water-like consistency (shampoo is clear and not sudsy). I even used a bit of the Leave-in Conditioner!

Aquis Four-Step System ($99) 

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