In the summer our blonde hair gets trashed. Between chlorine, salt water, and sun, it’s remarkable that we aren’t sporting green or brassy straw on our heads.

Most of the credit goes to our hairdresser of course, but they were the ones who clued us into Joico’s new Blonde Life that includes Brightening Shampoo, Conditioner, Veil, and a nourishing Masque. Even after a day in the Ocean, our stiff-with-salt hair bounces back to a shiny, golden mane.

Celebrity stylist Denis De Souza at his Mare Salon in West Hollywood gave us glorious color and then emphatically advised us to take care of it with the new Joico products.

The wonder Joico products.

As we watched our hair process in the mirror, we asked the handsome, personable stylist why he swears by the Blonde Line?

‘It delivers exactly what you want and comes full of oils (Editor’s note: Arginine and a blend of Monoi and Tamanu oils) so your hair is actually stronger than when you walked in!’ Denis enthuses.

‘Elasticity is restored and your hair is shiny and healthy,’ he continues. ‘It’s just one of those lines that has everything you want.’

Denis De Souza

We discovered when our locks are looking a little dim, say after a week of sun and sand, all it takes is the Brightening Wash and Conditioner, then 10 minutes of the masque to get us back to the blonde life. (The directions suggest only 3-5 minutes but we find if you leave it on even longer, it works better.)

Blonde Life Veil

For added protection – especially against dulling UV rays, we spray the Blonde Life Veil on our hair after we get out of the shower and simply brush through. It’s like an extra layer of protection.

Keep livin’ the Blonde Life.