So we’ve been hearing the buzz about Boxed, but what exactly is it? Basically, it’s like bulk one-stop online shopping but unlike the other sites (looking at you, Cost Co.) Boxed can deliver alcohol along with that laundry detergent you need. Sure, there are delivery services that can deliver booze but that’s ALL they can do.

Consider Boxed is a one-stop shop Costco for millennial online where you can buy EVERYTHING you need with no membership fee and no delivery fee – all in one step – easy and efficient.  Now that you can buy spirits from Boxed spirits, we’ve just cut down on your shopping for that Holiday Party. Buy everything you need in one place, and get it in THREE days or less. No membership fee and no delivery fee for orders over $49. And check out the rotating ‘sales’ link, which has cuts from up to 20% off on everyday items.

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