Ever get frustrated with all the makeup wipes you go through, not to mention those cotton balls? And most washcloths are too scratchy for your skin and take forever to dry.

Seeing the need, founder Amanda McIntosh developed the Makeup Mitty, a droplet-shaped fuzzy makeup remover that beats all the other products, plus it’s good for the environment. Use with any cleanser and you’ll discover the ‘pointy’ end is perfect for the delicate eye area.

Just put two fingers into the tiny mitt, as demonstrated below.

Like a washcloth, it needs to be washed regularly to get rid of the bacteria and makeup residue but at least it dries quickly.

Each set of ‘Makeup Mittys’ comes in a package of three for  $38.50. (Yes, we thought that was a high price too, but if they’ll last, it’ll be worth it, just in savings on makeup wipes alone!) Plus, we’re reducing our carbon footprint so it’s a win-win!

Founder Amanda McIntosh










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