The hits keep on coming.New communications director Anthony Scaramucci, better known as ‘Mooch,’ taped a bizarre interview with BBC Wednesday night where he talked about ‘cheeseburgers,’ ‘frontstabbing,’ and at one point calling political editor Emily Maitlis an ‘elitist.’

‘There’s so many things about the president [that make him non-elitist]. What about the cheeseburgers? What about the pizzas’ he said.

‘Everyone eats cheeseburgers and pizza. What are you talking about?’ the perplexed journalist asked.

‘No, no, no. See, you’re coming across a little bit elitist,’ he fired back without explanation.

Comparing Britain to the U.S., Mooch explained that ‘One of the things I can’t stand about this town is the back-stabbing. Where I grew up we’re front-stabbers,’ adding ”We have a little more of a different communications style (than the UK), a little bit more direct … probably less subtle and polite. You don’t think politicians in your home town are hitting each other left and right? ‘

Watch it here:

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