You’ve seen the video, of a woman with frizzy hair straightening her hair with the DAFNI in just minutes by simply brushing it. Racking up thousands of views, the question remains : Does it really straighten hair THAT fast, THAT easily and with no damage?

First, a little about this brush: It has something called Smart 3D technology which means that it has even uniform heat distribution so it’s safer for your tresses and since the surface area of the brush is 7x that of a flat iron, you can straighten your hair up to 7x faster (for mid-length hair figure 3-5 minutes.) The ceramic material is also safer for your hair and ideally leaves your hair looking smooth, shiny, and natural.

So we put it to our team of beauty editors to try it out. (I was out of the running since I have bone-straight hair.)

It took no time to heat up  (less than a minute) and then Emily, who has a glorious head of hair which she tames every morning with a conventional straightener, started bushing. ‘Easy,’ she exclaimed while we counted down. In 4 minutes she was done and swore it was as good as a salon job. Shiny and  frizz-free, it was indeed glorious. Needless to say, Emily gets to keep the DEFANI.(We’re just glad it has an automatic shut off feature since we can see her leaving it on at her desk.)

To get your own, the best price is over at AMAZON, which has the best price at $99.

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