Pesky dry skin? Slathering on lotions, oils and more to no avail? My skin is dry but looks fairly hydrated (think no peeling skin LOL), so I tried the D’Care FACE UP Mask mask from Beauty for a moisture boost and was pleasantly surprised.

I haven’t tried hydration masks before, but I plunged into the claim of the “instant facelift” with this product (made in Korea) which is aspirational and inspiring. Oh wait—isn’t that an oxymoron? The website copy for the “Let’s Get Started Kit” says: “Short on time? Reveal firm, hydrated, and nourished skin in just 10-15 minutes. FACE UP’s powerful masks give you a 360-degree face-lift.”




Okay—I’m all for it! The Starter Kit package includes two snazzy-looking “A” ampules that look really official in little dark brown bottles, two “B” mixers packets, a tool to open the ampules (that I finally figured out—put on the top and bend slightly) and a soft application brush. 

I mixed one of the applications and applied it on my face (says to avoid eye area) and waited the recommended 10 to 15 minutes. I looked in the mirror at the 15-minute mark and I looked a bit freaky from the mixture tightening on my face. I didn’t panic but washed it off as instructed. My face felt a little stripped of moisture afterward and I applied my own serum and a cream.



My face did feel really smooth afterward and the next day this little creasy area under my left eye seemed visibly better—a bit more hydrated. The ingredients are listed as an “age-reversing mask combining active Collagen-producing ingredients and 9 different varieties of traditional Korean medicine to reveal firm, hydrated, and nourishing skin.”

So did this provide the “360-degree face-lift that transforms loose, sagging areas and addresses dull, dehydrated texture, revealing an incredibly youthful look?” Not exactly—but my skin did feel better and felt more hydrated—and I’ll try the second application and see if there’s a miracle on the horizon.