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The most-talked about commercial at the Super Bowl was undoubtedly the 84 Lumber ad, which tells the tale of an immigrant Mom and her child trying to make it to the U.S. only to find a high wall on the border, seemingly criticizing Trumps immigration policy. To see the end of the ad, viewers were directed to go online, where the Mom discovers a door built in the wall and in the end they make it to the promised land.

“The will to succeed is always welcome here,” the long version film declares in a message not included in the televised version.

Reaction to the ad has been mixed, with one viewer tweeting, the company had “just committed corporate suicide” and pledged to cancel an order because the user believed the company supported illegal immigration, while others supported the view of the commercial: “Good for you. Courage,” one Facebook user commented on the full version.

The company scrambled to address the controversy, declaring, ‘We don’t condone illegal immigration. Our story is symbolic of a journey that ends with becoming legal US citizens.’


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