Called the BLANC mask, this full-face gizmo supposedly purifies the air you breathe…and you get to pretend you’re a world-renowned DJ when you wear it.


DJ Deadmau5

While you’re scoffing, the $89.00 mask raised more than $100,000 in their Kickstarter campaign. The US team behind the mask say it protects from 99% of particles with its two reusable HEPA filters, including dust and aerosols, and gives the wearer complete anonymity. (Handy if you’re worried about privacy software.)

From a fashion standpoint, the front panel is interchangeable so you can switch out your look.



The two sides of the BLANC science-fiction mask, held together by magnets, come apart along a vertical split to allow them to be replaced — with one of assorted color and texture options, as you see above.

Spooky or practical?

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