For people who want a really luxe camping trip, maybe these ‘floating tents’ high above the ground in the United Arab Emirates Sharjah mountains are just the ticket. (We’re afraid of heights so it’s a no-go’ for us.)

Called, aptly, ‘Floating Retreat’ the 10 canopies would be suspended between the mountain’s rocky peaks, each with its own private bathroom and access to a shared spa facility. As with all luxurious stays, there will be a reception area, a concierge and a restaurant on the sky-high ground floor. Private guided tours of the mountain will also be available to guests.

The front of the tents are made of transparent material to take advantage of the soaring views, but are blurred on the side for privacy.



A Dubai-based design studio, Ardh Architect, came up with the idea.

“Individual tents/pods of the floating retreat are designed to bring luxury and comfort to those who cannot participate in mountain climbing or other adrenaline-filled outdoor activities,” said Ardh.


No word yet on when it might be built.