Beyoncé’s makeup artist, the dapper gentleman who goes by the name of ‘Sir John’ (you can just call me ‘Queen Evan’) has created an eight-piece makeup collection which he says was inspired by a recent trip to Africa. Brought in by the Luminess Cosmetics brand, Sir John was tasked with imaging a Lion King-themed collection, in time for the movie release on June 15th. (His employer, Queen Bey, voices Nala in the film.)

In South Africa, Sir John says he was ‘inspired by the red pigments in the dirt’ and all the ‘earth tones.’ And they had some fun naming the collection, with titles like ‘Kingdom Sculpting Palette’,  ‘Circle of Life’ and our favorite ‘Can’t Wait to Be Queen Eyeshadow Palette.’

Sir John’s The Lion King Collection will be available on Luminess’ website on June 15 and via the following day. Ulta Beauty will also sell the collection online on June 16 and in stores July 1.




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