Nowadays, you can find pretty much anything and everything with CBD. It’s not just for Gummies anymore

Skin creams? Check. Shampoo? Check? Makeup. Check.

Add it to your coffee? Why not?

Known for its natural healing abilities for common conditions like anxiety, inflammation, and chronic pain, the medicinal benefits of CBD are still being documented.

Soji Health aims to distinguish itself from the pack by using full-spectrum hemp CBD, adding healthy vitamins, minerals, and in the case of the skincare line and the bath bombs, some beautiful-smelling botanicals. Since Soji makes a point to triple test each batch of Soji Health products, you’ll also feel safe with the brand.

Soji Health Gummies . 10 MG each.

The most popular of their products is the CBD gummies with 10 MG per flavored piece. ($20 a bottle.) Since they contain no THC — the ingredient that makes you high– the gummies just give you a sense of well-being (at least, that’s how they affect us.) Make sure you give yourself at least an hour for them to kick in though. Although we didn’t find either the strawberry or the pineapple gummies particularly tasty, you’re not supposed to chow down on them as if they were candy.

There are even bath bombs when you really need to relax (like every day after work?) Besides, it’s good for your skin. ($9.) Did we mention they smell amazing?

Don’t forget about your furry family members either  — there’s  ‘Pet Relief Oil’ which you can add to their food for the same health benefits we enjoy. Many owners swear it reduces anxiety in their pets and arthritis in the senior ‘frosty faces.’

Whether you’re new to the whole CBD world or consider yourself an expert, you won’t be disappointed in the Soji Health brand.

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