Most little girls — and some boys– want to put on nail polish and makeup just like Mom. When our daughter was young we let her experiment with nail polish and noticed with amusement the other girls in her kindergarten also sporting chipped nail colors.

Now a Korean company called Puttisu has created a kid-friendly makeup brand that is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and uses natural ingredients such as water, minerals, and essential oils. File this under we wish we’d thought of it first.



Amaia, our youngest reviewer.


Now, little munchkins can paint their nails with the 3 Color Nail Art Kit  (and leave your Chanel polish alone!) $40.

There’s also the Puttisu Sun Cushion in a cute compact which is actually powered sunscreen (SPF 50) which is made for children’s delicate skin. ($30.)


And we can’t forget about lipstick! We picked the ‘Pink Lemonade’ one which adds just a little color. With an easy-to-use dial stick, little hands will have no trouble using it. Again, it’s made from all-natural ingredients such as shea butter and doesn’t stain. ($16)



We just wish this was available when our Mackenzie was young. Instead, we gifted it to an adorable little one we know and she squealed with glee and promptly painted her nails, and then her Dad’s.




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