Writer ready to be frozen.

Writer ready to be frozen.

We’ve been hearing about whole body Cryotherapy (WBC) for awhile now and were curious if it really works. Some places boast it helps with pain, such as arthritis or migraines, boosts metabolism, enhances energy, helps with recovery after sports and even that it increases collagen production. ( Yeah, that last one caught our attention too.)

So, we decided to try it at Next Health which had the first non-nitrogen & true whole body cryotherapy chamber (meaning you’re not breathing in liquid nitrogen) in the States. Founded by Dr. Darshan Shah, Next Health resembles a spa more than a doctor’s office, and is based on the principle that if you live an ‘optimized and healthy lifestyle’, you minimize the need for traditional medical services. Services include everything from Cryotherapy to I.V. therapy and Vitamin shots to IPL photofacial and laser peels, plus fillers and cellulite reduction. Interestingly, many of the clients we saw that day were regulars, who bought treatment packages and came in every week for a Cryo boost or I.V. therapy.


After a quick medical check and blood pressure reading we were advised to change, leaving the least amount of clothing on (we wore our sports bra and panties), and donning heavy socks, slippers, mittens and a mask. Vanessa, the lovely Next Health manager, took our skin temperature and then outfitted us with BEATS headphones and programmed the music for the our 2.30 minute treatment (Tiesto, if you must know.)

Did we feel cold? Only for a brief second, then we were just a tad chilly. (It helps to keep moving so we danced throughout.) Before you know it, it’s over and you step out feeling euphoric. The nagging headache we came in with was gone, and our right shoulder, which constantly aches from rotator cuff surgery three months ago didn’t hurt at all.

‘SO how does it work?,’ we asked Ross, the RN who overseas all the treatments. Basically, WBC is exposing your body to an extreme cold environment,-150 degrees F and less. Since the body’s protective reaction is to move blood towards the vital organs of the body, the immune system ramps up by increasing the white blood cell count which in turn reduces inflammation and improves circulation. The endocrine system also jumps into action releasing endorphin and noradrenaline release, which accounts for the euphoria. At the same time, muscle strength is said to be increased.

Ross, your friendly RN.

Ross, your friendly RN.

We felt great all that day and effectively multi-tasked back at the office. Though our shoulder pain returned later, it seemed diminished. We suspect a series of Cryo treatments would be needed for after-surgery rejuvenation, but heck, we’re up for that.


8000 Sunset Blvd
Suite C110
Los Angeles, CA 90046

P. 310 295 2075

(At the corner of Sunset Blvd & Crescent
Heights Blvd.)



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