The theme of this summer so far, at least where this reviewer is writing to you from, is hot. Hotter than average days falling into hotter than desirable nights. Who wouldn’t want to do everything they can to stay all kinds of cool? Rens sneakers keep you cool, in all senses of the word.




To start, they are sustainably made and eco-friendly background lends itself to cooling down the hot climate. This brand is doing all it can to commit itself to put fashion back on a sustainable track. Each pair of Rens shoes uses 21 cups of coffee grounds, plus materials from six recycled plastic bottles, to create a lightweight, waterproof, stylish pair of shoes that kept my feet energized and in comfortable motion for more than four hours of nonstop movement during restaurant training.



On top of that, the ‘AquaScreen Tec’ allows air to freely pass through without letting water in, meaning it keeps bacteria and odors out plus dries 200% quicker than traditional sneakers. No more stinky shoes.

And they’re light — that’s the airy midsole — with hi-traction outsoles so they’re good for city living or exploring. $119. on Amazon.



Rather than ending up in a landfill, the coffee and bottles are used to make a shoe that puts a pep in your step (blame it on the coffee?), are certifiably waterproof (thank the water bottles?) and look cool – you know, in case everything else they have to offer just wasn’t enough for you. #Rens are comfy, chic, cool, and contributing to a more sustainable fashion industry.

The Finnish eco-sneaker startup raised the money for the REN original sneaker on Kickstarter and its new ambitious plan is to raise $1M again via Kickstarter to manufacture its new NOMAD shoe, which will be even more sustainable and climate neutral while still keeping the tech-heavy, waterproof, and ultralight features.

Look good, do good.