Shopping for your big day is a cheerful experience. But when it comes to the dress, you need to take some precautions. A typical dress shopping consists of 4-5 trips. You don’t only pick the dress; you also need to consider the alternations, accessories, etc.  Following we will break down each trip with what you should expect in each one. 

Shopping Trip

The first fitting is for finding your dress. Every boutique has several wedding dresses to choose from, so the first visit is about picking something you like. Ideally, you need to do it at least six months before your wedding day. 

Set your budget and research dresses and designers that appeal to your taste. Make a list and narrow down your options. Tag a family member or friend with you for this journey. You can also bring a bridesmaid because they are usually dying to go with you for the dress search. Just be careful whom you bring because having too many options is a recipe for disaster. 

If you can, wear a nude bra and undie. Wear comfortable shoes because you will hit more than one boutique or store.  

This appointment will overhelp, so be prepared because you will try several dresses. Once you choose your dress, sign the dotted line and start first fitting. 

First Fitting

Asses how the dress fits and if it needs some work.  Do it two to three months before the wedding. Try the same boutique from where you bought the dress. If the store doesn’t make changes, find a dressmaker and book an appointment. 

Start shopping for everything including your shoes, accessories, etc. Bring one or two friends for the second opinion. Wear something you can easily change in and out. Bring the wedding day shoes and undergarments along with any other accessories. 

See how they fare with the dress. Mind the length, beads, embellishments, mention everything which catches your eye. Pin and tuck away the dress to ensure it fits you. 

You will try the gown multiple times and explain your options. Start pinning and tucking to ensure you get the perfect fit.

Second Fitting 

Its to try the gown with every adjustment. Do it a month or two before the wedding. Note down the things you want to check and alternations you planned. Tag along with a friend, try to big the same person who accommodates you before. You need a second opinion. 

Bring your undergarments, shoes and other accessories.  You need to finalize your look on the second fitting. Your dress needs to fit well, point out other issues. You need to dance and walk in the boutique to see how you hold out. 

Final Fitting

It doesn’t matter what dress you want formal or beach wedding dresses, Its time everything should check out! It doesn’t matter, get ready for the day you want to wear the dress. Do it a week before your wedding. Make a plan for delivering your gown for the boutique. See if you want the dress delivered. Bring your family, maid of honor, and who will help you.  

Bring along your accessories, footwear, and undergarments. This is your last time to see how you look for the big day. Everything should work out perfectly by now.

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