If you’re up on your TikTok trends you’ve heard about ‘beer tanning.’ Basically, it entails dousing yourself with beer and sitting in the sun.

One helpful TikToker suggested: Buy the cheapest beer, take a dive (meaning into the water), take a beer shower, enjoy the sun—along with the hashtags #sunbathinghack #sunbathing #tanhacks.



Supposedly, you get a deeper tan with beer but then of course there is NO SPF in beer so you’re vulnerable to a bad sunburn and skin cancer, not to mention “photoaging”(premature aging.) You’ve seen those scary-looking people with skin that looks like leather and more wrinkles than a Shar Pei.



Dermatologists have been sounding an alarm on this new trend but maybe they should be making TikTok videos to make their point?

Hey, we came from the generation that slathered ourselves with baby oil and baked in the sun for hours.

But then we didn’t know what we do now.

And since when is TikTok ever a good place to get advice?

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