With so many megaways slots jumping into the slots gaming charts recently, many players are wanting to find out more about what megaways slots games are so that they can understand further what they entail before they embark on playing this new style of slot.

Increasing in popularity since the first megaways slot was released from BTG five years ago, it was actually Bonanza that jumped into the mainstream charts as the first megaways slot and it has stayed in the charts ever since – play online slots. But what does this mean and why has it been so popular with players for such a long period of time? 


What Are Megaways Slots Games?

Along with the Random Number Generator that every slots game has, the megaways slots games have been modified so that they are able to increase the number of symbols that can appear on each reel just from one spin.  For the player, this means that the number of potential alignments this can create increases enormously from a few different potential alignments to often hundreds of thousands of ways in which a player can win a cash prize.  This is a great way to enhance the ways in which you can get the most out of your cash credit as you play slots games online and as there is so much potential, megaways are becoming the favoured way to play slots games.  It may sound like a difficult concept but actually, it’s just very simple maths combined with good luck. 



Other Megaways Features

Not only do megaways slots games have humongous ways in which you are able to win just with their potential alignment factor, but they all have fun bonus features for you to look out for too.  They all differ slightly, so the best megaways slots will be different from player to player, but you could look for megaways slots with free spins, multipliers and bonus games, depending on what excites or interests you the most when you are playing online slots.  Not only do these increase the excitement of playing slots online but they again increase the winning potential even further because these bonus feature all have their own potential to enable you to be able to win smaller jackpots along the way. 

Megaways Volatility

When playing megaways slots games online, it is good to be aware that they are always high volatility slots game which means that they are games that will pay out well when wins fall but they will not land wins with great frequency.  When considering playing this style of slot, you need to be sure that you are able to afford this type of slot and that the size of your bankroll can match the timeframe that you are wanting to play for.  The speed that the megaways slots game spin, you can work through credit quickly with no win before you land a sizeable win, but don’t get disappointed as it won’t be too long before the wind changes and you see some form of jackpot flash across your screen.