You expect to pay a pretty penny for hi-fi wireless headphones, don’t you? After all, the ubiquitous BEATS  ‘phones start at over $200.

So when Mixcder claims their new HD901 foldable, Bluetooth,  wireless ‘premium’ brand headphones provide ‘high-quality sound’ for only $19.99 we were a tad skeptical.

But color us convinced.

First off, they are light, comfy on the ears and foldable — critical if you’ll be using them on a long flight. (They weigh only 5 ounces.)

And the sound? Surprisingly good, with solid bass, good mid-range, and bright high notes. (We credit the 40mm drivers and advanced CSR chip.)

Naturally, the Mixcder HD901’s have a built-in microphone for hands-free calling and the battery lasts 8 hours (we only tested for six hours but that’s close enough.)

Note they are not noise-canceling but still do a good job of eliminating some of the outside world, especially the roar of an airplane.

From now on, these will be our go-to travel headphones and at this price, we’re putting them on our gift list!




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