If you’re like us, your bathroom looks like a messy Sephora, with skin care products everywhere. Don’t even get us started on the hair sprays, shampoos, conditioners…

So we loved the idea of the SkinEscens simple system of four products that combine botanicals with science. The ‘essence of beauty’ you might say.

It doesn’t hurt that the line is luxurious and beautifully packaged. But do they work?

First, there’s the Senorial Botanical cleanser  ($65) which cleans without stripping the skin. Follow that with the Rejuvenating Facial Powder ($110) with is a triple -action beauty which cleanses, resurfaces and polishes the skin, a necessary step to help the following serums absorb. (Since it is an exfoliate, some people will want to use it every other day.) Our skin never felt so clean and literally glowed.

Onward to the hydrating part of the system, key for any skin. Lather on the clear Intense Hydrating Gel ($120) with HA’s plus vegetable -derived ingredients. It sinks immediately into the skin, a good sign since absorption is key. After letting it completely absorb (5 minutes or so) follow with the Age Defying Serum, ($140) the hero product full of peptides and botanicals, South African Bulbine frutescens, to be precise, to fight aging.

After only a couple of days of using the system, our skin was radiant.

For Mother’s Day consider ‘The Signature Set’ which contains generous full-size products of the line in an elegant package. (And a deal at $370!) Make her life easier and more beautiful. If you’re good, maybe she’ll let you use some too,

And just look how elegant our bathroom looks now!


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