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You know that frustration when your expensive Apple charge cable frays and breaks, leaving you powerless (in sooo many ways.) ?

We’ve all been there so a smarty pants company devised the TUDIA Klip cable protector for iPhones and iPad. It’s so simple really — the little 2 piece clip made of silicone and polycarbonate snaps onto all original Apple Lightning and 30-pin charging cables, reducing strain by 80% . So instead of trying to tape the damaged cable, or buying a cheaper, generic replacement cable that doesn’t play nice with Apple products, go to AMAZON and buy the TUDIA Klip for $7 a pair.

TUDIA Klip - side small

Available in 5 different colors: Grey, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Green. Your cabe will stand out from the crowd too, until everyone gets one, which will probably be soon, to the dismay of Apple. The best seven bucks you’ve ever spent.

TUDIA Klip - talking small

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