I have mixed feelings about health trends. They have both the ability to rise to the level of outrageous and bizarre (urotherapy or vaginal sunbathing, anyone?) or introduce something that has the power to change our lives (prioritizing self-care and more sleep!).

As the health and wellness industry continues to grow exponentially, here’s a list of the top three trends we can expect to see in 2020. And, I’m happy to report, I can get on board with these.

Prioritizing Mental Health

After generations of being kept in the dark, the discussion around mental health has FINALLY made its way into the light. In the last decade, prioritizing a positive mental health state has become the primary focus for those on the path to well-being. In a recent NBC article, mental health advocate and reporter Nicole Spector shared her insight into the cultural shift she’s witnessed. “…I’ve seen the advancements up close and personal and can say with certainty that in 2010 I wouldn’t have dreamed of writing pieces like “How to talk about mental health issues at work” or “A mental health check-in: 14 questions to ask your child” for a national news outlet. Such topics just weren’t so, well, topical back then.”

Weed over Wine

If there’s one thing you can say about millennials, it’s that they are quite health conscious and many are opting to stay out of bars and are instead hitting the dispensary for something to take the edge off. As scientific research continues to dissolve the stigma around marijuana, the largest generation in the U.S. is choosing cannabis over alcohol as a means to improve health (no nasty hangovers) and overall quality of life. This shift will ultimately reduce alcohol-related deaths and medical issues, allowing people to function and thrive on higher levels (no pun intended).

Carnivores Go Plant-Based (or, are more willing to try at least)

Look, veganism or vegetarianism isn’t for everyone; however, it’s hard to deny the science behind the fact that consuming processed animal protein can negatively impact our health and environment. But, it looks like they’ve finally found a way to sway the unswayable and get die-hard on board with the meatless Mondays movement. With the recent boom of plant-based alternatives like Beyond Beef and Impossible Foods making their debut on historically meat-dominated fast food menus, those meat-eaters are giving plant-based a try. Who says you need meat to have fun??

Every year, as these wellness trends peak and fizzle, it’s ultimately up to us to decide what works best for our unique mental and physical needs. The rise of the wellness movement is a testament to the fact that most of us are on a journey to finding the secret to maintain, sustain and support a positive state of well-being–and if that means vaginal sunbathing for you–then go on, girl. You do you!

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