Designer Jeremy Scott is known for his over-the-top runway shows but this year the Moschino Director was forced to scale down, waaaay down.
For  Milan Fashion Week Scott showed off the new styles but on miniature marionettes.
Instead, Moschino’s newest styles are sported by Jim Henson creations.

“Not only did all the clothes have to be scaled down, and all the accessories scaled down (to) the size of the marionettes, but the whole audience had to be not only created and dressed,” Scott said in a video interview with CNN Style.

Even the famous faces — ie. Anna Wintour — are in the puppet audience.
“As much as I loved working with the marionettes and as proud as I am of this show,” the designer added, “I do miss working with real models and that energy and the energy of having a real audience and everyone gathered together. And I hope very soon I can do that in person again.”
I dunno, we kinda like the puppets.

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