Don’t you hate it when your hair color fades between trips to the stylist? For some reason, in winter our radiant blonde locks fade even faster. Between the dry heat, the cold outdoors, and our hair dryer we go from dishy to dishrag. So we went to an expert to ask for help, Pureology Artistic Director Jamie Wiley who is an all ’round hair boss for some tips.



How to keep your blonde vibrant through winter?

First things first, I’d highly recommend if you can to install a water filter on your shower head if you don’t already have one–hard water can oftentimes dry out blonde and cause even more damage through the winter months. It is important that you use a violet toning shampoo and conditioner like Pureology Strength Cure Blonde, once you start to see any kind of fade or unwanted hues. Its key ingredient, Purple Orchid will help fight brass and retain your fresh from salon vibrancy. I’d also recommend using a leave-in spray like Pureology’s Color Fanatic Multi-Tasking Treatment Spray every time you wash your hair. This all in one product will protect hair from heat used in hot tools, environmental stressors like cold wind, and prevent future damage. Lastly, I’d use an intensely moisturizing treatment mask at least once a week to help nourish and strengthen color-treated hair. My go-to masks, especially in winter are Pureology’s Strength Cure & Hydrate Superfood Treatments.

How to maintain your winter color?

During the winter months try to go 2-3 days (or longer) between washing your hair, letting your natural oils moisturize your hair. When washing your hair every day it actually creates intensely porous hair and pulls out your toner and/or color from the salon. Over time, wash after wash, your hair can also become dull, which results in lack of color vibrancy. 

    • How should my hair washing routine change during fall/winter?
      When washing hair every 2-3 days, make sure to cleanse twice with your shampoo. Also, be sure to emulsify shampoo in your hand BEFORE applying it to the scalp to help break up build-up and impurities from the days leading up. Pureology shampoos and conditioners are highly concentrated and include plant botanicals like coconut, sugar and corn so you will get a luxurious rich lather needed to cleanse properly. 


Protective Styling?

  • How do you correctly dry your hair in the winter?

First thing first, never go outside with wet hair! Drying your hair in the winter is a must because if it freezes it could actually break off. The cold winter air is dry and porous, resulting in brittle hair so hydration is key during these winter months. After washing and before styling, use an intensely moisturizing hair mask or treatment to help nourish and strengthen.



Before using any hot tool, you must use a heat-protecting leave-in spray—enter Pureology’s Color Fanatic Multi-Tasking Leave-In Spray that has 21 benefits to help prime and protect hair! Lastly, when drying hair with a blow dryer, make sure to position the nozzle down and close to the hair cuticle. This will allow the airflow to match your hairs natural state while helping to reduce frizz. Think about it like you are spraying a water hose up toward the top of your house–it will blow the shingles and siding in opposite directions, exposing what is underneath, instead of protecting it. That is just like if you were to blow-dry your hair up–you are opening the hair cuticle, causing frizz and lack of control.



  • How to safely use heat styling tools on dry hair in the winter?

Heat styling in winter months or any month for that matter should require caution. If your hair is naturally delicate, fine or color-treated, you should treat it like fine silk. Set the heat on your curling iron from anywhere from 210-300 degrees. If it molds the hair it’s the perfect setting, if it sizzles or simmers, it’s a sign its too hot. For medium to normal hair types and textures, you can set the heat to around 350-400 degrees, and for curly or thick hair, you will most likely need a setting of 400-450 degrees in order to penetrate hair.  

PRO TIP: Ceramic Heat styling tools perform best and cause less damage.



  • How often should we use dry shampoo and keep your hair looking fresh, not brittle?

It really depends on your hair type and the dry shampoo you are using. Some dry shampoos aren’t meant to be used daily as it starts to build onto the scalp rather than cleanse. A dry shampoo like Pureology’s Style + Protect Refresh and Go Dry Shampoo can be used multiple days in a row since it is nondrying and absorbs oil, allowing it to be layered. PRO TIP: spray in hair before bed as most people produce oil while sleeping! This will allow for maximum absorbency, acting as a barrier before it happens you will wake up ready to go or style your hair!

  • Should we opt for silk bedding, hair ties, wraps and hats?

Absolutely! Silk pillows help reduce frizz and split ends. Silk scrunchies will provide an extra layer of protection with additional fabric around the band, unlike elastics ties which can cause hair damage. Silk scrunchies also slide down the hair rather than pull out the hair, which is a huge difference when it comes to the overall health of your hair—especially when wearing hair up every day.














  • Which shampoo/treatment will keep your blonde blondest?

The best hair regime for your blondest blonde at home is Pureology’s Strength Cure Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner followed by their leave-in spray, Color Fanatic Multi-Tasking Spray. This trio will fight brass, strengthen hair and protect from any heat or stressors that are likely to strip color. When in the salon, either after your color or in between color services, ask for Pureology’s Color Fanatic Color Sealer, which is an in-salon only treatment that will help seal your color and retain vibrancy for weeks to come.