Throughout history, women have come together to support each other in an array of intimate facets of life, ranging from fertility cycles to emotional and physical healing.  However, as society grew, we grew apart. The idea of individualism took over and caused a detrimental wedge among us that negatively impacts our ability to thrive and nurture our well-being. And as a result of this disconnection, we are left feeling depleted, overwhelmed and longing for reconnection. 

As I write this, I can’t help but reflect on the fact that I am in exactly this state. I cannot remember the last time I was alone with myself and my thoughts. And like most women I know, it is not often that we get – or take- the opportunities to reconnect with ourselves and others, which is why, as I write this, I am simultaneously Googling wellness retreats for women. And, there are so many to choose from. 

The recent surge in the female-driven wellness and self-care movement has reignited our natural inclination to unite and engage in restorative, healing practices and seek solace from the monotony of our daily lives. So, if you’ve been on the fence about booking that retreat, here are three reasons why you shouldn’t wait any longer:

  1. We NEED time to rejuvenate – Whether we are parents, professionals, partners, friends, siblings or a combination of all of these, we tend to get overwhelmed with our obligations to others, leaving no time to replenish the energy we give.
  2. We NEED to connect with other women – Sisterhood doesn’t have to be biological. Sisterhood represents a connection we establish with our fellow females. A retreat is a great way to meet and bond with women who are on the same, if not very similar path as you.3
  3. We DESERVE it – We can always find reasons to neglect our self-care. If you have ever said “It’s too expensive,” “I have to take care of (partner, kids, parents, etc.),” “I just don’t have time,” “I’m so busy,” you have put yourself aside for far too long, and a getaway just may be what you need.

As we continue on our journey of self-care, I find it inevitable that a resurrection of the female connection to each other and ourselves will continue to emerge. Women of today cannot afford to keep-on-keeping-on the way we’ve been: overworked, overstressed, overlooked, overprescribed, and overwhelmed. We have no choice but to regain control over our health and well-being and reestablish our connection to other like-minded women. 

About The Author

If its related to food, culture, health, wellness, or travel Seffrah is interested. A Cali native, she was born and raised in the seaside community of Long Beach and adores its vibrant culture completely. When she is not writing, she is consuming culture in some fashion, whether by wandering museums, embarking on culinary adventures, or browsing thrift stores for old novels and cookbooks to add to her collection.

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