OLIVIAUMMA Beauty is a new skincare line from Korean-born Hye Young Kim, and her teenage daughter Olivia Yanuzzi which was formulated for people of all ages.

The Glass Skin Tanghulu Skincare Set offers a complete solution for clean, glowing skin, with Guava Liptox Gloss ($15) and Mint Liptox Gloss ($15)Blueberry Serum ($45), and Shine Muscat Cleanser ($29). All natural and vegan, it’s a line you can feel good about.



Starting with the Shine Muscat Cleanser, it gently removes dirt without drying the skin, leaving it refreshed and ready for the next steps in your skincare routine. This fan favorite effectively and gently cleanses skin with a dime-sized application. Its rich, lathering texture lightly exfoliates as it removes the impurities – and even your makeup in one swipe. Its proprietary ingredients soothe the face, and the anti-inflammatory agents are subsequently loaded with antioxidants.



The Blueberry Serum, loaded with great ingredients, gives your skin a nice glow and keeps it super hydrated. With Blueberry, Fig, and cold-pressed Camellia Seed oil — straight from Jeju Island in Korea — it boosts the skin’s radiance.  Extra lightweight while incredibly hydrating, it melts into your skin.



The Guava and Mint Liptox Glosses moisturizes and gives your lips a nice shine, it lasts for long amounts of time, and they have nice scents of mint and fruit. Never sticky, the natural pink color derived from Guava – perfect to maximize your natural lip tone with an intensive glossy effect.



This OLIVIAUMMA Beauty set creates a balanced skincare routine, covering cleansing, hydration, and lip care. It provides visible results and a luxurious feel.

You’ll love the look of your skin — as will your teenager who has been stealing borrowing your beauty products all along.



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