Here’s the timeline:

President Trump demands that the N.Y. Governor says ‘thank you’ for Federal help and accused the charismatic Cuomo of ‘complaining ‘ instead of taking action.


In his typical calm fashion, Cuomo replied ”You want me to say thank you? Thank you for doing your job, Mr. President.’

‘This was your role as president, okay?’ he added.


To Trump’s chagrin, Cuomo also didn’t ‘thank Trump’ for his new plan to reopen the country, after the President backed off his claim that he had  ‘total authority’ to reopen the country.

 ‘He didn’t announce anything. He said it’s up to the states. That’s what he said,’ Cuomo said. ‘He’s doing nothing. He said it’s up to the states.’

What really seemed to annoy the President though is when Cuomo said at his daily briefing that the ”federal government is passing the buck but not passing the bucks.’

Cuomo 10, Trump 0.