A company by the name of Mask Architects says it plans to build a unique eco-resort in Africa, with fancy treehouses in the forest that almost look like nature created them.




What’s more, this resort will produce its own green energy and procure water from the air using the aptly named  ‘Air to Water technology.’ They plan on distributing water to surrounding communities as well.

“With this project, our goal is to make the most basic need of water accessible rather than a luxury experience and to prevent hunger, thirst and the diseases and deaths its  cause” architects explain.


The aim is to make the BAOBAB Safari Lodges a self-sufficient community where there will be land to grow fruits, vegetables, to source water, for farming and animals, and facilities to make and sell food such as cheese, bread, meat and milk.  “We want to be able to build a community which can provide and feed the surrounding communities which are starving and in poverty,” continues MASK Architects.

For most of us, who struggle with the dichotomy of staying in a luxury resort where poverty lurks beyond the property, this feels right.