One of our resolutions this year was to be more eco-conscious. We’ve started small — no composting kitchen refuse yet! — beginning with Swedish dishcloths which replace our paper towels. Yes, we’re very proud of ourselves.

Next, we want to reduce our plastic waste which as anyone who has seen the news knows, is clogging our oceans, killing wildlife and basically will never break down.

Smelly Proof bags state that its mission is to prevent ‘3 billion single-use plastic bags from entering oceans, waterways, and landfills by 2028.

We want to help too.

So the timing was perfect when PR reached out with Smelly Proof reusable bags.

With a strong zipper so they can be reused  (the company says can last up to 900 uses)  they are 100% odor-proof, FDA approved, and eco-conscious.


They actually work better than Ziplock plastic bags because of the heavy-duty material and multi-track zipper.

First, we gave them the smell test. In one ziplock we put half an onion and the other half in a Smelly Proof Bag. PU! Who knew our usual ziplock plastic bags leaked odor? 

But unlike the popular Stasher bags, these do NOT go in the dishwasher. Simply rinse them out and air dry. (We open them up on the drying rack.We find they usually dry overnight.) If one gets a little stained, washing with some baking powder usually gets rid of any residual stains.

A Godsend for travel, they are durable and there’s no worry that they’ll accidentally pop open.

They come in all sizes and are going to cost a little more but last sooooo much longer than those polluting Ziplock bags so you end up saving money and feeling righteous.

Which is how we feel right now.

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