As a single gay man with ho-ish tendencies, I’ve seen my fair share of balls. There’s the low balls, the girthy balls, the basic but necessary balls and all with varying degrees of hair growth.

There’s not really a guidebook to follow as it’s based on preference but balls, taint (the area between your anus and balls) and pubic hair grooming should definitely be a must, especially during the hot summer months. For those of you who need a go-to resource on ball grooming the team at Balls has got you covered! We did our research and the Balls Trimmer gives the best efficient value. ($69.)



Designed with your Junk in Mind:

Some of our favorite features are that it’s waterproof, wireless, shock-resistant and has a matte coat for a no-slip grip to trim groin hair of all textures. Most importantly the electric shaver features micro-trimming ceramic blades for precise trimming that are designed to prevent nicks and snags.

We were also impressed with the built-in light which provides for precision trimming.



Our Verdict:

While it doesn’t give as close a shave as a razor, it’s a bit safer for on-the-go and features a trim guard providing cuts at different levels and for the pubic hair. We’d recommend for the man that prefers to trim but doesn’t want to commit to being fully hairless.

The unit comes in very smart packaging and we appreciated the simple instructions.

**We also loved that the unit could technically double as a mustache and beard trimmer (but first clean with water – it’s waterproof!)

Balls Specials:

  1. Balls currently features a 15% off storewide Father’s Day special with code: DadBalls
  2. For an extra $19 you can enroll in Balls’ subscription program receiving blades every three months. For more information and to purchase go to Balls Co.



Ball Fun Fact #1

Men’s balls are celebrated around the world with synonyms that include testicles, bollocks, testes, rocks, nuts, cobblers, gonads and goolies.

Ball Fun Fact #2

Based on a recent poll our editors have conducted (team effort) the general consensus is that gay men typically shave their balls, while straight men prefer to trim.

Ball Fun Fact #3

Men’s balls are 5 degrees colder than the rest of the body. According to a recent article, the testicle on the left usually hangs lower than the right