Sometimes the simplest designs are the most brilliant.

In this case, we’re talking about the ATRAC wristlet, which you snap around your wrist/purse or on your gym shorts. We use it for our keys for all those annoying clothes that don’t have pockets, such as our sweats or yoga pants. It works with magnets you see, so you can wrap it around anything, or through anything.

It even has a little holder for your lip balm (or lipstick.)




Short for “attraction, ” ATRAC is one of those essentials you can’t believe you ever lived without. We use it over the strap of our purse so our car keys are always handy (instead of rummaging through our purse for two minutes!)





We got the Bracelet Keychain ($27) to review (in black vegan leather) which is so handy we might upgrade to the Phone Pouch ($40.)



Naturally, we road-tested it and the magnets really held, even through clothing, so our valuables are secure.

Now, why didn’t we think of this?