Keeping up a ‘do needs the proper hairspray essentials—hold, shine and…scent? Most hairsprays are scentless or have a slightly chemical smell, but Sugar Scents claims to be the all-in-one finishing spray with a “scentsational” twist. 


Want your hair to smell like Bubblegum, Coconut Cream, Cherries Jubilee, or Lavender Cupcake—then Sugar Scents may be the hairspray for you. The all-in-one-hairsprays are infused with panthenol & BV5 for moisture and to give hair a shiny, vibrant appearance. 

Sugar Scents founder, Kimberly Hebert grew up in the go-go ‘80s where big hair, big dreams and big shoulder pads were the hot thing of the day. This experience and her lifelong passion for a hairspray styling product that smelled as good as it works began. 



Working a day job but also working to realize her dream, Kimberly used her own funds and consulted labs with her hair-criteria and business smarts to develop a spray that not only holds, protects, and moisturizes but smells good, too. 

The spray cans are colorful, and the product is cruelty-free, plant-based, sulfate-free, paraben free and vegan—and smells good!

I tried the Bubblegum hair spray—and it smelled…like bubble gum. I wanted to try the less sweet-sounding smell—lavender cupcake—but it wasn’t available. I’m used to a mega-hold hairspray like Tigi Bed Head Hard Head, so I gave Sugar Scents a whirl and I did find it had medium hold and did make my hair shine.



It was pleasant to smell a sweeter smell other than the alcohol of most hairsprays, but I would like to try a less sweet smell when available. Maybe since the product is eco-conscious, a strawberry, mango or lemon-lime might be on the horizon. In the meantime, I’m waiting to try the lavender cupcake.


About The Author

Julie Schlax-Patrick is a strategic and creative marketing communications consultant for entertainment, consumer products and start-up companies. She often has “one more question” because she loves learning about people and their stories. When not working, Julie is passionate about art, photography and creative expression. And she loves laughing. A lot.

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