We managed to escape adolescence without suffering through acne, but once we turned 25 –BOOM! –our face broke out. Trying everything on the market we over-dried our skin, which only made the situation worse.

And it’s not like we could go out with blaring zit patches on our face.

Enter the aptly named Truly Gone almost invisible acne patches from Truly Clear.

Each resealable bag is packed with 72 dots for any occasion. Dressy, informal….no, they mean for any size or kind of pimple.

Just like they promise, our humongous zit was gone in 24 hours!




They stay on your face, don’t leave any sticky residue and you can wear them under makeup. Amazingly, they kept our skin moist so it wasn’t red and scaly after application.

Since they’re waterproof, we’ve worn them in the shower and they’ve stayed put.




Made of high-grade hydrocolloid that seals blemishes and protects them from dirt and external contact, we’ve worn them for an entire 8 hours.

Wear Truly Clear for Truly Gone. $30 for 72 ‘super dots’ (aka patches.) We’re so glad we found these!