We’re naturally skeptical of any beauty gadget that promises results similar to what you would get at a dermatologist’s office so we were curious to try the new Trophy Skin UltradermMD machine. It guarantees to make you look 10 years younger with its microdermabrasion feature, which reveals a more youthful skin.

What we liked:

  • Easy instructions on the lit-up screen. The touch screen lets you choose your treatment mode. For beginners, we recommend the “auto” mode. The device will guide you by telling you where to place the diamond tip and how long to use it in each area.
  • A low setting (4) for sensitive skin.
  • In-house aesthetician support. Call with any questions.
  • 60 -day return policy.


What we really liked was the results, even after the first time. By removing all the dead skin with the diamond tip, it’s a great exfoliating tool. And a built-in vacuum zips up all the dead cells, which is soooo satisfying.

Over regular use — we use it 3x a week — it helps blur the fine lines and wrinkles as well. After a couple of weeks, our sunspots began to fade too and since our complexion was now more even, we could skip our foundation. For blackheads, use the extraction tool (we don’t have many — thank you Retin A — but other users have reported success.) It is — as the site says — like three spa treatments in one system.

At $350 it’s a pricey tool but figure it this way — it’s approx. the cost of two visits to the med skin spa for a dermabrasion treatment.

Our recommendation: BUY.




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