We have fine, fly-away colored hair that could use more moisture but most conditioners and hair masks weigh down our locks, making them dull and flat. It shouldn’t be a choice between healthy or beautiful hair, right?

From the Taiwan brand SH-RD comes a new Protein cream that promises it’s as ‘light as a feather.’ We’ll see about that.

Since it’s a leave-in product, after you wash and towel-dry your hair, apply a small amount to your palm and then apply evenly to the hair, paying special attention to the ends. Blow-dry or air dry. (We’re usually too lazy to blow dry.)

We instantly noticed the difference in our hair. Shiny, bouncy and soft, the SH-RD made the split-ends disappear and didn’t weigh down our hair.

Hero products Amino Acids and the Panthenol ( vitamin B-5 ) are responsible for the amazing results. Longterm, the silk protein also provides protection from environmental damage (think: sun, chlorine, wind.)

Travel size.

After a couple of uses, we noticed our hair seemed stronger too, which is the cream sealing our hair cuticles. Considering we color our hair (blonde highlights and don’t always rinse after an Ocean swim) this is going in our beauty arsenal.

P.S. There is a smaller size for $28 if you want to try it before splurging.

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