No, we’re not suggesting you send your dear Mom to rehab, rather help her break her dependence on unhealthy, aluminum-based deodorants! Considering that aluminum has been linked to changes in estrogen receptors and as well as to liver, kidney and brain issues, plus carcinogens and parabens that can lead to cancer, isn’t it time she broke away from her old-fashioned deodorant?

It is a process though, starting with an old-fashioned detox … stick. NALA makes one we have tried and really like. The ‘free-from’ (everything bad) stick helps neutralize order and wetness naturally with energizing peppermint and detoxing charcoal. While detoxing can take one to two weeks — and you may notice you ‘smell’ more than usual (that’s normal)– it’s so worth it to have cleansed all the toxins from your pits!

And after the detox period, you can move to any of NALA’s scents. Personally, we love the Sandalwood & Bergamot with it’s refreshing, clean smell. ($26.)

And to make it extra special why not personalize it!  (As I did.) Only $29 and no one else in the house will steal it.

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