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In today’s world, running out of power is always just one charge away. Sure, we carry our little mobile chargers but if you forget to top off, the next time you plug your cellphone into it might be dead.

That’s where the EcoFlow Tech’s new River Mobile Power Station comes in. This light-weight portable battery can power up to 11 devices and unlike other’s on the market, the River holds a charge for an ENTIRE YEAR. Simply plug into a standard wall outlet or your car charger and even charge it with solar power.

Perfect for a camping trip, beach days, and your emergency kit, the little wonder does everything. Operational in any temperature condition (-4 to 140 degrees), it’s “smart” system automatically adjusts power output to device wattage,  and connects individually to each output port (so if one were to surge the others continue charging).

$699 at River.

Tech details: Mega-Capacity 116,000mAh/412Wh Li-ion Battery & Total Output of 500 Watts. Ultra-Lightweight (11 lbs.)




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