As one of C3’s restaurants (more on them later) Umami Burger recently partnered with Australian DJ sisters Mim and Live Nervo (you know them as NERVO) to create The NERVO Pickle Burger which features a personalized recipe based on their new song “Pickle” and featuring fried pickles as a key ingredient.

Imagine an Umami burger patty, provolone cheese, fried pickles, and a special jalapeño pickle ranch all on a brioche bun.  (Sorry not sorry you’re hungry now.) The yummy burger comes in a custom NERVO branded box with a QR code so you can watch the video while you pig out enjoy your lunch. 

Paris Hilton  who is featured in Nervo’s music video for “Pickle” — broke the cult burger news on her  Instagram stories so the demand is fierce for his new concoction.

‘You’re the pickle in my sandwich, makes me wanna eat you up’ is the chorus. Hey, it’s fun!


Paris with NERVO sisters.

To order, use the C3’s new mobile app available for iPhone and Android users.

What is C3 you ask? The disruptive concept, the brainchild of sbe’s Sam Nazarian, stands for ‘Creating Culinary Communities ‘ is using a new restaurant delivery model in conjunction with food halls, ghost kitchens as well as brick and mortar restaurants to create a better online ordering service.

Working with Lunchbox’s digital technology, C3 connects consumers directly with the restaurants themselves, so, for instance, guests can order from multiple C3 restaurants as a single order, which you can’t do with third-party delivery platforms ie DoorDash or GrubHub.  The CITIZENS GO ordering experience is also free from any hidden delivery or markup fees.

Right now the app currently offers delivery in Los AngelesNorthern CaliforniaNew York City and Chicago, and will expand in cities across the country, including MiamiAustinPortlandSan FranciscoSeattle, and Atlanta in the months to come.

Current restaurant brands include:

  • Krispy Rice, inspired by sbe’s Katsuya brand
  • Plant Nation, a 100-percent plant-based concept in collaboration with Impossible Foods
  • Sam’s Crispy Chicken, a 100-percent antibiotic-free chicken concept
  • Umami Burger, winner of the “Burger of the Year” award from GQ magazine