Revelations in recent days about the timeline of the shooting at the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde Texas have led to widespread criticism of the police who, it turned out, waited up to an hour before storming the school, even though they received numerous calls from scared children begging for help.

The Justice Department on Sunday said it would investigate.

“They waited,” columnist David French wrote. “And waited. And waited. Two different girls called 911, begging for help. Their classmates were dead and dying all around them. They were in mortal danger. The first call came at 12:03. That same girl called back at 12:10, at 12:13, and 12:16. A different girl called at 12:19. The final call came at 12:36.”



As you’ll remember, after Columbine, the active shooter protocol was changed, establishing that the first priority was to stop the shooter as fast as possible. These trained Texas police and responding border patrol guards knew this and yet did nothing.



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