Today the House Jan. 6 committee unanimously voted to refer four criminal charges against former President Trump to the Department of Justice.

“We’ve never had a president stir up a violent attempt to stop the transfer of power,” said Rep. Bennie Thompson, the committee chair and a Mississippi Democrat. “This can never happen again.”

Rep. Liz Cheney, the vice chair and a Wyoming Republican added: “Every president in our history has accepted this peaceful transfer of authority, except one.”

“Former President Trump did not engage in a plan to defraud the United States acting alone,” committee member Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) said Monday. “He entered into agreements, formal and informal, with several other individuals who assisted him with his criminal objectives.”



Unfortunately, this does not mean Trump will necessarily be prosecuted, even though the Jan. 6 Committee has recommended it.

But if he is found guilty Trump could be slapped with a 40-year prison sentence and be barred from running for President again.