For new brides, you want to hire a professional for your hair and makeup, so we asked an expert from  The Rittenhouse Spa & Club – Hair By Paul Labrecque (salons in New York, Philly, and Palm Beach) for some tips.

Alexandria Quici (@alex_quici) is a pro at getting nervous brides the perfect ‘do.’ (We follow her on Instagram.)


What is the most popular hairstyle request you get from brides-to-be?

I would say the most popular request from brides-to-be are Glam Waves. We once called it the Old Hollywood look, but now we are calling them Glam Waves. It’s a really beautiful and elegant, yet soft curl. I am seeing a lot of brides wanting to wear their hair down. If you never wear your hair up, don’t feel like you have to just because you are a bride. Pick a style you are most comfortable with and feel the most beautiful in for the occasion. 

Are there any new trends you’ve noticed over the last year?

What I have noticed over this past year are requests for less layers. Depending on your hair texture, you may need a little bit of layer or a little weight taken out so that you still have some movement when styling on a day-to-day basis, but for the most part, a lot of my clients are going for that really blunt, straight, sharp edge. This applies to either long or short style! The versatile style is also great for whether you are wearing your hair down or choosing an updo for the big day.

What is your advice to brides who are worried about their hair on their wedding day?

I would say that a haircut at least two weeks before is really helpful to maintain your best shape. It will also help with holding the style in place, and it looks even better when those ends are fresh. Doing some color or even a clear gloss for shine is also a great idea prior to the special event! I always suggest to my future brides that they wear their hair how they feel their best. Think of a party you went to or an event in the past where you loved your look, and do that. But, dial it up a notch! If you need to show off the back of your gown, a soft updo or a sleek low bun is a great choice. If wearing your hair down is how you feel your most beautiful, then do that and maybe add in some florals or a headpiece to glam it up and add something extra.

Bridal hair by Alexandria Quici (@alex_quici)

Do you have any other tips to offer new brides-to-be?

The morning of is so much fun. If you have the opportunity to get ready doing hair and makeup with your bridesmaids, friends and family, embrace it. Take that time to enjoy together. It almost feels like a glam party sleepover. And if you’re able to, sneak in a moment to view your wedding space alone, just you and your new hubby, before the party starts. Step back and look at the place where you’ll be creating the most memorable night. Remember it’s your one chance to be a celebrity for a day. Everyone is there to celebrate you and that is an incredible feeling! 

Alexandria Quici (@alex_quici)