The spread of COVID-19 has created an unprecedented situation for this generation. When we used to be busy all the time, we always wanted to get back to our home at the end of the day for relaxation and family time. Who thought staying home can be this boring? During this quarantine time, spending entire days wearing your pajamas is common, but if you are not feeling sick, it might worth putting on some clothes. It can certainly improve your emotional state and help you feel better. So, maybe you can get a little fashion-conscious and have some fashion basics to follow during this quarantine time. I hope you will love the following ideas:

Try Your Favorite Clothes

Everybody has some favorite clothes to wear. As you already have been staying home for weeks, you may not have put on your favorite clothes and shoes for a while. So, open your closet and find your favorite fashion items and wear them. It will undoubtedly give you a better feel than wearing your pajamas all day long. If you are working from home or attending video sessions with friends and family on social media platforms, you will certainly feel good in your favorite clothes.

Wear Something You Seldom Wear

You may have some awesome jeans, t-shirts, pants that you rarely wear. You may want to spend some time organizing your wardrobe and might discover some clothes you like a lot. Maybe you never got an opportunity to wear those ahead of your favorite items. Now might be the time to try and wear some of those items and see how you feel.


Now is the time to experiment. As you are staying home all the time, maybe try a new haircut or shop online for some fashion items you never tried. Have new looks, and see how you feel.

Follow Quarantine Footwear Trends

Sandals, Birkenstock, and sneakers are hot quarantine footwear items. Check out this vast collection of Birkenstock  clearance as you can expect to find stylish yet highly comfortable footwear to try during this quarantine time.


Other than sandals and Birkenstock, sneakers are comfortable and highly suitable at home as you spend the day working inside your home or spend time with your family. You can shop for discount sneakers online to find your perfect sneaker to wear during this quarantine time. You can choose especially the sneakers that are perfect for workouts and work. This will enable you to be fashionable at work and also in the gym after the quarantine time ends.

Casual but Fashionable

We usually wear casual and comfortable dresses when we stay at home. But that does not mean you can’t look fashionable. Bring variations in your casual attire. Jeans and t-shirts are standard. Be creative and pick some hot new casual dresses.