If your little one is afraid of the dark, these charming SMiLE Lanterns are perfect. (OR be like us and just get one because they are so fun! We hung ours on the tree in the backyard.)

Use as a nightlight, at a sleepover or even camping. Just hang them upside down in the tent. It beams a soft LED light, just enough to let keep away monsters.



True story: The SMiLE lantern evolved during the Japanese Tsunami when responders drew smile faces on the lanterns with Sharpie pens to cheer up the orphaned and displaced children without homes.

These playful lights come in different colors, including one in camo — so your friends won’t make fun of you when you bring this guy along.



Baby Franklin loves his new SMiLE lantern.


From Spice of Life, they’re only$14.50 and come in all sorts of colors.

We won’t tell if you buy one for yourself.