Today, we ‘adopted’ an out-of-work restaurant worker in Philly, who has four children and a cat, and has taken on cleaning jobs and any part-time work she can get. On her Amazon list, she had the most basic of goods, such as inexpensive laundry detergent, Chef-Boradee spaghetti, and no-name toilet paper. So we ordered those for her, plus some catnip for her kitty and Amazon will ship it directly to her. (The last time we helped out, we got the sweetest note back from the recipient.)

The restaurant business has been one of the hardest hit by the pandemic. An estimated 2.4 million jobs have been lost, and many of them to women who are supporting families. There has been some government aid but not nearly enough.

So Sheri Breezley, a nurse in St. Louis, started the FaceBook group ‘Adopt A Server,’ where you can buy some of these families essentials from their Amazon wishlist or provide them money for their basic bills.

This has sprouted other ‘Adopt A Server’ FB groups.

Help if you can. Just type ‘Adopt A Server’ into the FB search bar.

You’ll feel great, promise.


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